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Starry Eyed Yearly Contact Lenses - Fairy Glades


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Starry Eyed Contact Lenses by Sweidas - Fairy Glades 

Each set of these lenses can be used for 12 months (1 Year) once you open them if cared for correctly!! Amaze your friends with the gorgeous pink Fairy Glade contact lenses!! These contact lenses are a faint almost natural pink eye colour perfect for any fairy, pixy or fantasy costume, or those wanting to enhance their eyes this Halloween!! This lens features multiple shades of pink in wave like patterns extending from vivid patterns outlining the black pupil. 

2 lenses per box (left & right eye) free storage container included.
Use for a maximum of 8 hours per day

User Guide:

  • Do not sleep while wearing contact lenses, stay away from bonfires. Remember to blink.
  • The contacts must be put in after washing hands thoroughly and removed after washing hands. Contacts have a right and wrong right, ensure they are inserted correctly.
  • Contact solution is available for purchase. Do not use the solution that contacts come in, in the case for storage, use fresh contact saline solution.
  • Refrain from rubbing your contact lenses, if irritated use contact solution to remove particle, or remove. 
  • Do not wear damaged and/or unclean contact lenses - Do not share contact lenses
  • Do not wear contact lenses if you're using eye medication
  • cosmetic non-prescription


Contents: 2 Sterile Soft Eye Lenses.
Ingredients: 2-hydroxyethel methacrylate, Carbodiimide, Crosspolymer, Sterile Saline.
May Contain: CI77891, CO77492, CI77489, CI74160, CI51319



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