Q. Can I book a hire costume in advance (online/in-person/over the phone)?

A. Availability and stock levels of hire costumes are not always guaranteed.
Please call on 07 3870 5881 to confirm. Correspondence will be send ASAP to inform you if something is not available for the required booking date.

You are more than welcome to come in ahead of time to secure your favourite costume. We take bookings from one week ahead to a couple of months.

To pre-book a costume in-store or over the phone it cost $20 and is non refundable, but you are able to change the costume after booking it at no extra charge (subject to availability). No refunds will be given when the costume has left he store.

Q. Do I have to be 18 to hire a costume?

A. Yes. All hire costumes require a contract to be signed so you must be 18 years or older to hire a costume. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian can hire the costume for you.


Q. How much does it cost to hire a costume?

A. Our general hire prices range from $40 to $75, but the average is $55. This includes accessories, hats, gloves, glasses and jewellery, (excluding wigs unless the character calls for a wig).

Animal Suits with full head are around $80 and Santa Suits are $100-$120 complete. Santa Suits and Bunny Costumes are for a 24 hour period.


Q. Do you need a Security Bond for hire costumes and why do you need it?

A. An additional security bond payment it required to be paid at the time of collection. This amount varies depending on the costumes and is typically equivalent to double the rental cost. 

The bond provides security for us that the costume is going to be returned and in the same condition as it was hired. Any item lost or damaged, the repair bill is generally deducted from the bond. Please note in the case of full loss or complete damage, we reserve the right to recoup replacement or repair costs in addition to the bond figure. 

We accept credit card, debit card and cash bonds.

Credit and Debit Card: We process the transaction and then refund to the when the costume is returned in good condition. The refund is processed from our account on the same day but it may take a few days for the bank to refund back into your account. This MUST be refunded back to the same card.

Cash: Cash is taken and then returned when the costume is returned in good condition.


 Q. What are your opening hours?

A. Mon-Wed and Fri 9.30 to 5.30, Thur 9.30 to 6.00 and Sat 9.00 to 4.00


Q. Do you have the costumes in stock at Taringa shop?

A. Our products list the available quantities at our Taringa store. Some costumes on our website are sent directly from our interstate warehouses and this will be noted in the products availability. If you are needing a specific item and there are low stock levels, please feel free to give us a call on 07 3870 5881 and we may be able to put the item on hold for you. 


Q. Do you cater for larger sizes?

A. Yes we do. We try to be as size inclusive as we can. We are limited in what options we can get from our supplies, but have costumes up to 4XL for both male and female styles. We also have custom made items to hire that are designed to be comfortable and flattering on curvy people. 


Q. Do you hire kids costumes?

A. No, but we have a good range of kids costumes to buy from around $20 to $40. However we have a range of adult costumes and accessories to hire that can work for kids too! 


Q. Can I hire part of a costume?

A. Yes, minimum hire is $25 and minimum bond is $50. Late fees still apply at $10 per day.


Q. Do you sell costumes and accessories?

A. Yes, we believe in offering both hire and buy so the customer can choose the best option for them. We have an excellent range of costumes to buy, generally from $25 to $110, as well as a huge range of accessories!


Q. How long is the hire period?

A. The hire period is Thursday to Monday or Tuesday. If you come in early in the week you are welcome to take on that day and return Monday or Tuesday. Generally a 3-5 day period is included with the hire price, though up to a week can be acceptable.


Q. Can I hire the costume for a longer period?

A. Certainly. If it is only for a day or two extra, that is complementary depending on the costume. If you require for an additional three day period or longer, ask our friendly staff and we will advise on a case by case basis.


Q. Are hire accessories and wigs included in the price?

A. Once you have decided on a basic theme, we will fit you out with the appropriate accessories to make you look fabulous at no extra charge. Character costume wigs are generally included in the hire price. Where you choose to hire a wig that is not included in the standard costume hire, it is an additional $10 for short wigs and $15 for long.  


Q. Do you hire wigs separately?

A. Yes. Short Wigs are $25 to hire and Long Wigs are $35 depending on how much styling is required. Our hire wigs are generally a better quality wig than the wigs to purchase.

It can be more economical to purchase a wig if we have a similar wig to buy. We stock a very good range of wigs to purchase. You are welcome to try the wigs on before you buy. View our range here.


Q. Do you hire shoes separately?

A. Yes.  Go Go Boots all $30, if you are hiring a costume it is an extra $10.


Q. Can I arrange for a costume to be held for me?

A. We are happy to hold a costume for 24 hours, so you can come in and try on. If longer than 24 hours you will be required to pre-book the costume. See above.


Q.  I can't get to your store, can you post the item to me?

A.  Yes, we have a excellent Online Store and ship daily. We do not ship out our Hire Costumes as you need to come in and collect the costume to ensure the fit is correct.


Q. Do you charge late fees?

A. Yes, late fees are $10 per day per costume. It is charged to encourage prompt return of the costume. In this business it is important that the costume is cleaned, repaired if necessary and ready for the next hire period. If the bond does not cover the full late fees, an invoice will be sent and payment will be 7 days from the date of the invoice.


Q. What if I change my mind after collecting the costume or the party is cancelled?

A. Sorry we are unable to refund you or offer you another costume. As the hired costume will still need to be cleaned on return regardless of whether it has been worn or not.


Q. Can I ask another person to return the costume on my behalf?

A. Certainly, we just ask the person to sign for returning the costume. If the bond has been paid with an imprint we ask that the person double check that it is the correct imprint, and to watch us shred it in front of them. If the bond has been paid via debit card or cash. We will refund in cash on receipt of a signature. If there are any damages/late fees we ask that the returning person pay for this at time of drop off.


Q. Do you have a drop off box?

A. Sorry no we do not. We are open on Mondays from 9.30AM to 5.30PM. If Tuesdays are better we are OK with that. Other wise you can organize for a friend/family to drop off for you.


Q. Can I post the costume back to you?

A. Yes, The costume must be sent back on the Monday by Express Post so that it is trackable, and the costume must be dry and fragile items and shoes boxed. Your bond will be refunded on receipt of costume in good condition. We will confirm via text when the costume is received.


Q. Do I have to clean the hire costume?

A. No, we prefer to clean the costumes, the cleaning is included in the price. So enjoy.


Q. How do you ensure all of your costumes are clean and well maintained?

A. We are meticulous with the cleaning of the costumes, wigs and accessories. The costumes are thoroughly washed after every use and in most cases steamed as well. The wigs are soaked in fabric softener and disinfectant and styled after every hire. Accessories are either washed or wiped down with cleaning solution. Hats are wiped out with a damp cloth and sprayed with disinfectant. Shoes are cleaned with cleaning solution and disinfectant inside and out. If you discover a missing button or split seam please tell us so we can have it repaired/replaced ASAP.