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Braces - Billy Bob Teeth


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Braces - Billy Bob Teeth 

I feel some chemistry here! Make that geek costume shine with Billy Bob Teeth Braces. Giggle when a pretty girl approaches and lose some saliva while talking about quantum physics and mathematics. Knowing you will probably be a millionaire one day.


  • 1 x Set of Teeth
  • 1 x Pack of Heat Beads

One size fits most.

How to Use: 

Before you heat up the plastic fitting beads, warm the teeth themselves in hot water and shape the teeth shell around you upper teeth. This way the Billy-Bob Teeth will match the curvature of your mouth. 

  1. Empty the packet of fitting plastic (White beads) into a cup of very hot water.
  2. Once the fitting plastic turns clear, remove with a spoon.
  3. Form the clear plastic into a “worm” shape with your fingers.
  4. Press the “worm” into the troft of the teeth (Press the plastic so it reaches into the 3 small holes to keep it secure.)
  5. In front of a mirror, use both hands to force the Billy-Bob teeth over your teeth.
  6. Use your thumbs to press the plastic up behind your front teeth for a secure fit.
  7. Gently ease the Billy-Bob teeth out of your mouth with a downward motion and let cool for about 10 minutes. (Do not let the teeth cool in your mouth.)

Not for use over braces or caps.

You can re-heat and re-fit Billy-Bob Teeth as many times as you want. 



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