15 October

Join the Undead at Annual Zombie Walk

Halloween has officially crept upon us it's time again to walk like a zombie...

Ever wanted to take a stroll with thousands of the undead??? Well, now you can!!! 

The Zombie Walk is an annual event that was first introduced to Queensland in 2006. It's a notoriously popular event and for those living in Brisbane, there are two such events happening within a 1-hour journey from the CBD.

While Brisbane's Zombie Walk was killed off due to rising council fees. There's a Toowoomba Zombie Walk on Saturday 26th Oct 2019 to help raise funds for the Toowoomba Hospital. The starting location of the event is at Queens Park on Margaret Street, Toowoomba.

While on the Gold Coast, The Surfers Paradise Zombie Walk is a feature event at three day Halloween event - the Surfers Paradise Fest-Evil. The Zombie Walk is on Saturday 2nd November 2019 and starts at Surfers Paradise Beach.

This hair-raising walk is designed not only to create spine-chilling streets during Halloween, but to raise awareness and funds for The Brain Foundation of Australia.
The zombie walk often brings in thousands dressed up in their finest dead, undead and zombie attire.

Oh, and if your wondering....the living of all ages are welcome too!

The Halloween season is the perfect time to be something else for a night!

We at CrackerJack Costumes offer a variety of spooky costumes to choose from.

But for the Zombie Walk events, we are expecting people to be Zombies or dress up in a zombified costume of Chucky, Pennywise, Day of the Dead, and or Horror Clown.

Zombify by adding little or a lot of blood to your spooky outfit!

Save yourself the hassle of making fake blood - we offer 3 types of blood- Squirt, Stage, and Coagulated.

First, Squirt blood that's great for those that want the blood spraying effect of a fresh zombie victim.

Next, our Stage blood is ideal for blood capsules and mouth application to turn yourself into a zombie.

Finally, Coagulated blood is great to give the effect of blood clots and scabbing to make yourself a convincing zombie.

For those that are fairly artistic we offer; Liquid Latex - flesh and clear, Spirit Gum, and Face & Body Paints that all could be used to create some gruesome illusions e.g. bloody arm/ leg or ripped open neck, etc.

Get creative and become the best zombie you can be.

CrackerJack Costumes is here to help you choose the right costume and accessories for yourself or your family. For adults, you can either hire or buy your costumes.

Kids costumes you have to buy, as there is no hire option. We also offer shipping for those low on time when you purchase online.

We are calling all zombies to take part in a Zombie Walk to help raise funds for either the Toowoomba Hospital or the Brain Foundation. Be entertained, be creative and most of all, be afraid... very afraid!

For more information on any of CrackerJack Costumes, or to make an enquiry do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 07 3870 5881.