24 October

Halloween Costumes 2020: The Good, The Bad and The Spooky

It’s nearly Halloween! And this year is going to be fantastic! Halloween 2020 lands on a Saturday. But not just any Saturday – one that will be lit by the rare Blue Moon. There couldn’t be a more perfect night for ghosts and ghouls to go haunting, and zombies to rise up out of their graves.

 So, now that the pumpkins are being carved and the candy is being bought, the only thing left to do is find your perfect costume. 

Halloween Costumes 2020: The Good, The Bad and The Spooky

CrackerJack Costumes has everything you need to have a truly spooky Halloween. From costumes to wigs to creepy contact lenses, we can help you put together 2020’s best Halloween costume.


The Good 

Specialised Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can completely change your appearance. Try Starry Eyed Contact Lenses for a wide-range of luminous eye colours, or Primal Contact Lenses which are famous for their original design and well-loved by industry artists throughout the world.

Transform yourself into a demon with black out lenses, or into a werewolf with a deep orange style. Or pull on some white lenses, and become an angry poltergeist.


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Kids Costumes



Kids might dress up as the scariest, goriest, most terrible characters in the world, but they look so darn cute in their costumes that we’ve had to include them in ‘the good’!

Your child’s costume is only limited by their imagination, but there are always some firm favourites. The traditional (but always wonderful) witches, reapers, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns, of course. As well as the ‘comic book’ creepers like Harley Quinn and the Joker. And Harry Potter and Hermione will likely never go out of style.


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The Day of the Dead



The Day of the Dead falls firmly in the ‘Good’ section. That’s because the Day of the Dead festivities are held to demonstrate love and respect for deceased family members, while Halloween is a night of mischief and frights.

Regardless, Day of the Dead costumes are always extremely popular at Halloween, and we have the full range at CrackerJack. We have wigs, accessories, headbands, shawls and even full flower and bones laden dresses. And don’t forget to grab your face paint!

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The Bad

When it comes to Halloween, ‘bad’ is really good. Here are some of our favourite ‘bad’ products for 2020.

Adult Halloween Costumes



We tried and tried, but couldn’t narrow down our adult costumes. There are just too many well-loved and trending to choose from! We stock costumes and wigs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Addams Family. And, the more traditional, but no less impactful, evil clowns, devils, zombies and vampires.

Or you can go with the always popular, cheap-and-cheerful priests, nuns and prisoners, which are excellent costumes when going as a group.

We’re expecting doctors and nurses to be big this year (after all, they’re our heroes!), and our wide range includes surgeons kits and bloody aprons, which have high impact at a low price.

And if you’d like something a bit different – like a Viking princess or a Bollywood star – we’ve got that, too!

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Halloween Masks

 halloween masks



Masks are always popular at Halloween. They’re easy and are good for a lot of fun frights! We have a vast range of masks to suit everyone, whether you’d like to be a werewolf, Jason from Friday the 13th or even an evil mummy.

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Halloween Decorations and Props


halloween props prosthetics


No self-respecting Halloween lover would let October 31 pass by without dressing up their home as well! And we’ve got the best range of Halloween decorations and props for making your home as creepy as the holiday itself.

Spiders, webs and body parts will start you off with the right creep factor.Then add in door covers, banners and table cloths to bring the party feel. And don’t miss out on some of our motion activated props, like this crawling zombie baby! Guaranteed to make any Halloween party a spooky success!

Halloween Decorations and Props

The Spooky

 Special Effects 

halloween gory scar transfer tinsley

You can look disturbingly gory with our range of special effects makeup. Made in New York, and favoured by artists and professionals in the theatrical industry, our range consists of fake blood, fake scarring, spirit gum, vampire bites and more!

Transform yourself into a terrifying creature of the night or enhance the overall quality of your horror-inspired image. Or turn yourself into a hideously scarred science experiment gone wrong, or a flesh eating zombie. Whatever you can imagine, this makeup can help you bring that creepy vision to life.


Special Effects Makeup


Tinsley Transfers


tinsley transfers


Tinsley 3D FX Transfers are incredibly awesome. Their range of trauma tattoos and 3D special effects transfers have the ability to bring wounds to life. From bone breaks to rotting flesh, gouges to bites, this range has it all. And don’t miss the awesomely realistic devil horns!


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Halloween Prosthetics

halloween prosthetics

Nothing says gory like blood tipped vampire fangs or Zombie teeth. Visit our excellent range of prosthetics which also include witch’s noses, werewolf claws and black cat nails, just as a start!


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Your One-Stop Halloween House of Horrors

CrackerJack Costumes is your one-stop Halloween house of horrors. We have everything you need to make your Halloween as terribly awesome as you like! And, of course, if you have something special in mind, give us a ring. We’re always happy to brainstorm ways to make new costume ideas come to life!

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