14 October

Halloween at Movie World Fright Nights 2019

Halloween has officially crept upon us, and there’s so much to look forward to. From deciding on our costumes to carving jack-o'-lanterns with the kids and, of course, eating a scary amount of candy.

If you live on or near the Gold Coast then there is a Halloween event for you...

Fright Nights is an annual Halloween event held at Warner Bros. Movie World, that runs on Friday and Saturday nights from 28 September to 26 October 2019, from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Grab your friends and experience thrilling rides and roller coasters; mazes filled with your favourite horror characters, panic rooms, and terror tours all while dressed for the occasion.

The Halloween season is the perfect time to be someone or something else for a night! If you know what that will be - search for that costume right now. If you are still not sure or you need some amazing costume ideas then check out all the Halloween costumes before you decide.

We at CrackerJack Costumes offer a variety of spooky costumes to choose from. This year we are expecting people to attend Fright Night as Chucky, Pennywise, Day of the Dead, Horror Clowns, Skeletons and of course Zombies.

Of course for those into group costumes, there is also the option of dressing up as members of the Addams Family or even as characters from Harry Potter.

CrackerJack Costumes is here to help you choose the right costume and accessories for yourself or your family. For adults, you can either hire or buy your costumes.

Kids costumes you have to buy, as there is no hire option. We also offer shipping for those low on time when you purchase online.

When choosing a costume for Fright Nights keep in mind that for health and safety reasons, guests are not permitted to wear face coverings, masks or make-up that prevents facial identification.

However, you can wear costumes with light facial make-up. CrackerJack Costumes does offer special effects make up that will enhance your costume, without concealing your identity. 

Why not add a little blood to your spooky outfit?
We offer 3 types of blood- Squirt, Stage, and Coagulated.

First, Squirt blood that's great for those that want the blood spraying effect e.g. when someone's been cut by a deranged, masked killer.

Next, our Stage blood is ideal for blood capsules and mouth application e.g. to turn yourself into a zombie or to add to a set of Vampire Fangs from CrackerJack Costumes to be a vampire.

Finally, Coagulated blood is great to give the effect of blood clots and scabbing to your Halloween character...

For those that are fairly artistic we offer; Liquid Latex - flesh and clear, Spirit Gum, and Face & Body Paints that all could be used to create some gruesome illusions e.g. bloody arm/ leg or ripped open neck, etc.

Leave the special effects makeup that covers the whole face for when you have a Halloween street party or attending the Zombie Walk. Just think, it gives you another reason to wear your costume more than once this year.

For more information on any of CrackerJack Costumes, or to make an enquiry do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 07 3870 5881.