23 November

Lockdowns Lifted? Celebrate in Costumed Style for New Year’s Eve

Lockdowns are lifting across Australia. It’s time to think about where you’ll be for New Year’s Eve 2021. And what you’ll be wearing!

Midnight on New Year’s Eve will be the sweetest moment of the year as we get ready to give 2020 the kick out the door! Wearing a fabulous and fun costume will add to the excitement of farewelling the old year and ringing in the new.

CrackerJack Costumes has everything you need to make your New Year’s Eve your best one yet. Whether you’re dressing for glamour, novelty, tribute or fun, we can help you find your perfect costume.


New Year’s Eve Costume Ideas

New Year’s Glamour

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with sequins and feathers and send 2020 packing in style. You’ll turn heads all night long in one of our showstopping costumes or accessories.

Go 1920s glamour, rock diva or royal, or glam up your own outfit with one of our accessories to add some sparkle and shine. Add a glamour wig, feather boa or beads, pull on some satin gloves or pop on a headband or even an eye mask. Glitter makeup and face jewels are another fun way to add some sparkle to your celebrations.

Let us help you find a fun way to add some party pizzazz to your New Year’s Eve!

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New Year’s Superheroes

Create a superheroes theme for your New Year’s Eve and the sky’s the limit for costumes for you and your guests.

Pull on a stethoscope and check your New Year’s Eve heartbeat to honour our frontline heroes of 2020. We have costumes for doctors, nurses, police, army, firies and teachers.

Or soar into the new year in one of our superhero Marvel or DC costumes. From Captain Marvel to Wonder Woman and every hero in between, your alter ego will be suited up and ready to meet 2021 head on.  

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New Year’s Fresh Start

Does a new year bring out the fresh-start feeling in you? You could take the fresh-start theme to the extreme and head back to where it all began. We have novelty baby costumes for men and women.

Or maybe you’d like to push the theme a little further and go all Groovy Baby or Baby Spice? Or even wind the costume clock right back and dress as the flappers did in the 1920s. We have a roaring range of 1920s costumes and accessories for you to wear for a memorable new year.

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New Year’s Lockdown

Lockdown has given us a whole slew of new costume choices, as we spent so much more time at home, in front of the TV, exercising, baking, working, studying and more. 

Pay tribute to those who kept you company or motivated in lockdown in a fun costume that’s guaranteed to be a party conversation starter or the basis for a themed dress up.

From bingeing Baywatch to being spooked by Stranger Things to discovering there really is no place like home, let us help you find your perfect costume for a New Year’s TV-themed tribute.

If the home-gym life was your lockdown vibe, we have fun workout range to keep that motivation going into the new year. From running to tennis to getting physical in a Zoom class, we can help you celebrate your newfound commitment to fitness.

And if you entered the amazing race for flour, a chef’s hat could be the perfect costume accessory for your New Year’s Eve (BYO sourdough loaf to share)!

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Your One-Stop Shop to ring in the New Year

CrackerJack Costumes is the essential first stop for your New Year’s Eve party costumes. We can help you find the perfect costume to farewell 2020 and welcome in 2021. And this is surely the year we deserve to make midnight the sweetest moment of the year.

How will you celebrate seeing in 2021? Make it your New Year’s resolution to dress up and make memories that last a lifetime. Give us a call, we can help you create a New Year’s Eve to remember!