13 October

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

Top 24 Costume Ideas for Book Week 2020

Book week is finally here and our smallest book-loving customers couldn’t be more excited!

The theme for book week 2020 is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds, which opens up an interesting array of possibilities for costumes. Of course, it’s hard to think up ideas year after year. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and come up with the top 24 costume ideas for book week this year.

The Cast of Characters from Harry Potter


Any ‘curious creatures’ book week costume list has to start with the cast of characters from Harry Potter. Whether your child admires Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy or even the Sorting Hat, we’ve got just the thing to bring them to life.


The Cat in the Hat


Inventing games on days that are too wet to play, balancing a fish bowl on an umbrella and bringing out Thing One and Thing Two (check out those costumes, too), there’s no more ‘wild mind’ than the famous Cat in the Hat. Check out our excellent kids Cat in the Hat costume. Or combine the highly-recognisable accessories with a black T-shirt and shorts, which keeps it easy and cool.


Uni the Unicorn 


 Unicorns have certainly been having a resurgence in popularity (unicorn cake anyone?). While there are lots of books about unicorns, we’re partial to Uni the Unicorn, about a unicorn who fervently believes little girls are real! Using unicorn accessories mean you can create whatever type of unicorn your unicorn-loving child desires!


How to Train Your Dragon

Where there are unicorns, of course there are dragons, too! If your book-lover is all about dragons, whether it’s Toothless or Zog or anything in between, we have a costume for them.


The Cast of Characters from The Hobbit

When it comes to curious creatures, nothing beats The Hobbit. From the wonderful, elevenses-loving Bilbo Baggins to the inscrutable Gandalf to the fleets of fighting elves, there’s something for everyone.


Where’s Wally

Legions of children (and their parents!) have spent hours pouring over Where’s Wally books searching for Wally’s red and white striped outfit. He’s an iconic part of childhood, and book week. And how fun (and Instagrammable) would it be to get a group of kids all to dress up as Wally?



Matilda is the definition of a wild mind – and kids everywhere adore her for that. Her love of books and learning, her magical abilities and her victory over terrible Trunchbull makes her a strong book week choice (and the costumes are awfully cute, too!).


The Cast of Characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has given us some of the most incredible characters in the entire literary world, and for book week, as well. Alice herself, of course, but also the hilarious Mad Hatter, the horrible Queen of Hearts and even The White Rabbit.


How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night

Every kid loves dinosaurs, and every kid loves dinosaur costumes. Make it extra cute by adding a stuffy toy and blanket just like the dinos in How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night.


Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

She’s the original independent spunky female who leads her friends to the Emerald City, and a great choice for book week! And Dorothy’s costume wouldn’t be complete without her little Toto, too.


Little Red Riding Hood

Fairytales have given us some of the wildest children’s stories (and children’s costumes) of all time. And none are more memorable and recognisable than Little Red Riding Hood. From the full nursery-rhyme inspired costume, to the simple red hooded cape, we can help you sort out your own Little Red for book week.


101 Dalmatians

There’s literally nothing cuter than kids decked out as our favourite spotted dogs. The headband, nose and tail combo gives you the flexibility to dress your child in comfortable, cool clothes, while still sending them off with a great book week costume. Now, if you can just get 100 schoolmates to join in…


Going on a Bear Hunt

This is one of the most well-known and well-loved books of all time. Everyone loves reading about the kids passing through the swishing grass, or squelching through the rich mud. But why not embrace the bear this book week? One of the unsung heroes of children’s literature, and definitely both a curious creature and a wild mind, the bear is the character that really makes this book, and makes a great costume, too.


More Inspiration…

 If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at our Book Week Collection, or have a browse through our children’s costumes. We have so many unique costume treasures, there’s sure to be something perfect for your child!


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