19 July

Christmas Costumes to Spread the Christmas Cheer This July!

Christmas in July celebrations is a great opportunity to:

  • Fundraising for your charity, school, sporting, or social group,
  • Organize a business event for clients or your staff,
  • Lastly, to truly have a winter Christmas!

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas in July though personally, who doesn't like a good Costume Party. CrackerJack Costumes can help you celebrate Christmas twice this year.

Santa's Helper Costume being modeled

Those living in Australia, knows it can be hot and humid during our Christmas period and many of us celebrate differently than our friends and families in the Northern Hemisphere. We miss out on the traditional white Christmas, but we are pretty good at improvising.

We do this by celebrating Christmas in July!

So this July 25th, celebrate by having a great time dressing up in something in CrackerJack’s large range of Christmas costumes that you can either buy or hire.

You can dress up as the big man himself Santa Claus, his wife Mrs Claus, or one of their helpers as an Christmas Elf. If you want something else that you can Hire than you might want to dress up as Miss Mistletoe, Gingerbread Girl, Candy Cane Cutie, a Christmas Tree, Olaf from Disney’s Frozen, or even as a Arabian Three Wise Men.

Santa flying in his slay

Want to buy a Christmas Costume to wear again at Christmas in December?
Than look not further, CrackerJack Costumes has you covered.  You can choose to wear a traditional Santa Suit or just a Santa Shirt, be a Santa’s Helper (Elf), Toy Solider, a Snowman or even an Angel.

If you simply want an accessory to wear this Christmas in July than there is a range of wigs, headbands, masks, hats and hosiery for Sale. For example get some striped red and white stockings that you add to an existing outfit.

For more information on any of CrackerJack Costumes, or to make an enquiry do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 07 3870 5881.

Remember that costumes are not just for the young, but the young at heart. Don’t worry, Christmas in July does not replace the real Christmas in December.

Really, it’s just a great chance to enjoy Christmas twice a year.

Christmas costumes