23 June

Burlesque Costumes to Woo the Crowd: Razzle and Dazzle ‘Em

Pay tribute to the original variety show with CrackerJack’s decadent collection of burlesque costumes. Whether it be a homage to broadways famous musicals ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Chicago’, films such as ‘All That Jazz’, or a Cowboys and Indian’s party that needs a perky saloon girl, we’ve got you covered.

For most of us the word burlesque conjures thoughts of scantily clad ladies, twirling under bright lights, mastering the art of seduction with their strip-tease that manages to always hide the honey pot. Our mind races with images of feather boa’s, peacock feather fans, garters, lacy lingerie, and corsets , al la Dita Von Tease.

Burlesque Buff

Burlesque is actually derived from the Italian word Burla - which is to mock, ridicule and joke, which seems a distant cry from what we often have in our minds. But the tradition can be found contributing to the modern meaning of either a literature or dramatic performance of absurdly comic or dramatic imitation.

Given the creative convention of overlapping mockery, caricature and parody in a truly unique theatrical sense, Burlesque can be applied to almost anything. In fact, it has even been applied to pieces from Shakespeare!

In fact, it has even been applied to pieces from Shakespeare!

New Wave

New wave burlesque clubs such as Talk and Tease in Sydney pays homage to the comic core by combining stand-up comedy and burlesque. So when it comes to your next burlesque themed party, let the team at CrackerJack costume hire help you think outside of the box.

Combine laughs with seductions by creating your own mischievous rendition of Charlie Chaplin for example.

Roaring 20's

Of course, if you want to play with the smoky jazz club lure, we’ve got everything you need. Our feather boa’s, classic head pieces and wigs to match, complement our flapper costumes and ooze 1920’s sensuality.

The roaring 20’s was a time for jazz, liquor and ladies in short skirts. The gents had style, class and an air of distinguished power. Make the gangsters of Boardwalk Empire proud, or emanate Al Capone with pin-stripe three piece suits, trilby hats, canes and a cigar permanently hanging out of the mouth.

CrackerJack costume hire have all you need to bring Great Gatsby to life. Satin bow ties, finger-wave wigs, suspenders, head-bands, full length gloves and cigarette holders or pipes. From head-to-toe we have everything you need to complete your look.

Take it up a notch with our vast range of dramatic fake eye lashes. So to quote Chicago the musical - Let's make the parties longer. Let's make the skirts shorter and shorter. Let's make the music hotter!