12 January

Top 7 Awesome Australia Day Costumes

Australia Day is when we celebrate all the things we love about Australia – lifestyle, freedoms, culture and people. But it also comes at the perfect time for a party! We’ve recovered from Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, and it’s the height of summer. And there’s nothing more fun (or funny) than the Australia Day costume party.

Australia Day costumes can be pretty much anything that reminds you of being Aussie – from beach gear to famous Australian characters (hello Dame Edna!) to Aussie animals. The key is just to have fun!

To get you started we’ve pulled together our top seven awesome Australia Day costumes for your Australia Day party.

Top 7 Awesome Australia Day Costumes

1. Bogans

If you want to keep it simple, but iconic, then you can’t go past the Aussie bogan. Grab a mullet wig (you can choose from black, brown, ginger or even two-tone) and add a singlet, cut-off shorts and a flannel over top it all (or better yet, tied around your waist). A pair of thongs and sunglasses and you’re good to go and ready to party!


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2. Beach and Baywatch

Baywatch isn’t strictly Aussie, but the beach definitely is. Australians have been flocking to the beach for celebrations since our grandparents were in short pants, and we’re still doing that today.

Of course you can just throw on a bikini or a pair of boardies and call it a day. Or, if you’d like a little more coverage, try our cute Baywatch lifeguard gear (for men and women). You can even get one with built in muscles saving you those countless hours at the gym.

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3. Fountain Lakes

Kath, Kim and Kel have been bringing the party to Fountain Lakes for years! And now you can bring them to your own party.

You’ll look fab as Kath with her foxy blond curls and tizzy track suit. Your Kel will look equally dashing in his matching 80s track suit (perfect for speed walking around the neighbourhood). Or if Kim is more your hornbag style, don a stunning long wig and an 80s party dress just a couple of sizes too small. You’re ready to party!

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4. Australian Animals

If you’re looking for an Australia Day costume, there’s nothing more Aussie than our animals. Pop on a crocodile or koala onesie (comfy and on theme), or keep it simple with a kangaroo, sheep or ram mask set. Take a retro approach with a dinosaur mask and pay homage to the most ancient Australian animal of them all.

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5. Irwins

We can’t talk about Australian animals without also talking about the Irwins! Steve, Terri, Bindi and Bob are mainstays of our Australian culture and awesome for Australia Day costume parties. You’ll need a safari suit, naturally, and maybe a Steve the ‘crocodile hunter’ wig (or, a Terri wig if she’s more your style). Then grab your crocodile, and you’ve got Australia Day sorted.

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6. Dame Edna

Dame Edna might just be one of the most famous of all Aussie icons! And no Australia Day costume party would be complete without at least one holding court around the drinks table. Getting your Dame Edna costume together is easy. All you need is a wig, glasses and perhaps a feather boa. Add a martini glass at the party, and you’re all set!

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7. Raw Prawn

For a hilarious and very fun Australia Day costume, nothing beats the raw prawn. In fact, we’d say it’s our top pick. Easy to wear, iconic and perfect for an Aussie BBQ!

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