17 September

A Guide to Oktoberfest Costumes: Oktoberfest 2021


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Australia’s biggest and most authentic annual German celebration has unfortunately had to be postponed for the second year in a row due to the current circumstances regarding the pandemic, which really is the – würst!!

However, don’t despair!! Cracker Jack Costumes is still giving you the chance to Celebrate Oktoberfest at home this year with friends and family!! So, grab some German Beers from your nearest bottle-o, grab a bag of Pretzels and some Sauerkraut from your nearest market and grab a fun celebratory Costume from us!! Make the most of your 2021 Oktoberfest!!

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is the world's largest “Volksfest” which is a beer festival and travelling fun fair originating from and held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This festival is a 16- to 18-day folk festival held annually, and despite containing the word 'October’, Oktoberfest actually starts at the end of September and carries through to the first Sunday of October.

More than six million people from around the world attending the event every year!! This is a huge event for Germany and is a very important and loved part of Bavarian culture. Many cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, including us here in Brisbane, Australia!!

Make sure not to leave your Oktoberfest costumes to the last minute!! Come in to Cracker Jack Costumes today and check out our great variety of Costumes!!

What Should you Wear? A Guide to Oktoberfest Costumes!!

Almost everyone at Oktoberfest wears traditional Bavarian attire, and this can be very specific, lucky for you Fancy Dress is right up our ally!!

Women’s Oktoberfest Outfits

Traditionally Women will usually wear a Dirndl (pronounced; dern - dull) there is a huge variety of different dirndls, but all have the same 4 main features which make them so recognizable as Oktoberfest costumes!!

The Bodice
In German – a “Mieder” or “Leiberl”, sits tight to the body, almost like a corset, with a deep neckline, the neckline of the bodice is traditionally either rectangular or slightly rounded in shape. The bodice joins in the front center of the body below the chest, it is commonly either secured by ribbon lacing or buttons. The bodice is often embroidered or decorated with traditional Bavarian patterning!! 

The Skirt
In German – a “Rock”, is traditionally a full-length skirt, however, in more modern designs it is now commonly mid-length or short. It is pleated and gathered in at the waist, and the material is often coloured or printed. It is typically made in a single piece along with the bodice. Commonly a petti coat will be worn under this to give it more volume!! 

A White Blouse
In Germen – a “Bluse”, is a short top with short cute puffy sleeves cropped just above the waist and is worn under the bodice of the outfit.

The Apron
In German – a “Schürze”, is a narrow apron which overs the front middle section of the skirt. It is traditionally one colour however in our modern designs there are a variety of patterns and adorned with authentic patterns!!

However, all that being said there are no rules about being 100% traditional with your costumes, sometimes it’s fun to dress up abit sexy for your Oktoberfest Costume too, or you could even go in a pair of women’s lederhosen!! Either way whether you are wanting to look like a true German Girl, a Sexy Beer Maid, or piece together your own idea, we’ve got you covered!!

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Men’s Oktoberfest Outfits

Men traditionally wear Leather Lederhosen (pronounced; le-da-ho-zen), these are essentially short or knee-length leather breeches, usually worn with a checkered shirt, knee high socks and a traditional Bavarian or Alpine hat!! Here’s what you should be looking at when putting together your fantastic men’s Oktoberfest Costumes!! 

The Lederhosen
In German – “Lederhosen” are short leather breeches often decorated authentic Bavarian patterns embroidered near the trim. They are usually either dark or light brown, or black, and most pairs of leather lederhosen pants will come with buttons at the front which attach the braces to the breeches. 

Checkered Trachten Shirt
In German – a “Trachten Hemd”, are a traditional working man’s shirt, they often features a either red, green or blue checkered pattern, however, white and blue are the official colors of Bavaria, they are usually high collared and long sleeved and worn underneath a pair of Lederhosen.

The Tyrolean Hats
In German “Tirolerhüte”, also known as the Alpine hat or Bavarian hat, is a wool or felt hat, typically featuring a single pheasant or other bird feather on the side for decoration, they are also often decorated with cotton cords in various colours, these hats are by far a MUST for your Oktoberfest outfit!!

The Socks
These Long Socks are a combination of traditional German long socks and the traditional Loferls, which are 'calf warmers' that are worn below the knee. Often there is a band of color or a woven pattern at the top of the Loferl to accent the sock.These socks are exactly what you need to complete your traditional Oktoberfest costume!!

Now that we’ve covered the more traditional side of things, there’s nothing stopping you from adding some humor and giving your friends a good giggle with our more alternative style of Oktoberfest costume!! Grab yourself a Giant Beer Bottle Costume, Beer Barrel or chuck on a Beer Mug Hat!!

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So grab your mates and family, get your costumes and have a blast celebrating this Traditional Bavarian event in style!! Wishing you all a great Oktoberfest Celebration from Cracker Jack Costumes!! 

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