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Primal Costume Contact Lenses - Enchanted Lilac


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Primal Costume Contact Lenses - Enchanted Lilac

ENCHANTED LILAC circle lenses feature a rich, textured, and deeply coloured mix of vivid purple and bright pink accents that meets a darker outer ring.

On light natural eyes, you can expect to see more of the pink tones present in these beauty lenses. 

On dark natural eyes, the very vivid purple shades of the ENCHANTED LILAC coloured contact lenses create a surprisingly bright look.

2 lenses per box (left & right eye) free storage container included. Contact solution not included.

90 Day usage
62 % Polymacon, 38% Water
Use for a maximum of 8 hours per day

User Guide:

  • Do not sleep while wearing contact lenses, stay away from bonfires, steam or anything that will dry them out. Remember to blink.
  • The contacts must be put in after washing hands thoroughly and removed after washing hands. Contacts have a right and wrong side, ensure they are inserted correctly.
  • Contact solution is available for purchase. Do not use the solution that contacts come in, in the case for storage, use fresh contact saline solution.
  • Refrain from rubbing your contact lenses, if irritated use contact solution to remove particle, or remove. 
  • Do not wear damaged and/or unclean contact lenses - Do not share contact lenses
  • Do not wear contact lenses if you're using eye medication
  • Cosmetic non-prescription

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