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Tis the season to be merry (and wear marvellous Christmas costumes).

Baubles are being strung, and Christmas trees are being set-up around shopping centres. We can hear carols playing in the background of our stores and workplaces. And, if you have children, candy canes are being handed out throughout classrooms.

All the signs that Christmas is here.

Yes, we know it is not even December, but people are on track to be very Christmas ready.

With the season to be merry approaching, it is also time to start thinking about costumes you’re going to be wearing for Christmas parties.

Whether it is work get-togethers or social gatherings, we have compiled a list of your go-to costumes, perfect for a variety of budgets.

Santa’s helpers.

Most people have a Santa costume buried away somewhere in the back of their cupboard (if you don’t, then we have one here!). 

But, rather than going with your traditional Santa, an elf is super fun and far less hot.

We have an excellent elf dress that you can purchase for just $30.00, or you can hire one, if you don’t want it forever, for just $40.00.

Our fabulous elf hire costume.

If you don’t want a full costume but still want something a little bit Christmassy, then our elf hat with ears would be perfect for you.

A little bit of face paint.

While plenty of people imagine costumes as having to be extremely extravagant (and hot during summer), you can opt for the simple, but a stylish option.

At Cracker Jack, we have a whole variety of face paints available, but the real question is – what simple designs can you make?

Let’s start with the reindeer. As seen below, the centre of the face has a light white layer, with the cheekbones highlighted with bronze or copper colour. The nose and eyebrows have been painted dark brown and then it’s up to you what else you can add, such as the spots or hair decorations. 

costumes for christmas

Image via Pinterest.

There’s also the kids to consider, who may want a little bit of face paint to celebrate the Christmas season. It doesn’t have to be perfect and super intricate, so it is best to look at simple designs.

We adore this creation on the child’s face, below, because not only is it easy to do still eye-catching.

The baubles can easily be drawn on the face, and it is your choice whether to add the snowflakes. Looking at them, they appear quite complex to paint, but with some stencils, it should make the process easier.

Of course, for almost any design, it is often recommended to add a splash of glitter over the top to finish it off!


Image via Sparkling Faces.

Give traditional a whirl.

Everyone is used to the Mr and Mrs Claus, reindeer ears and even the elf for Christmas costumes. So, if you want to really wow at your next event then try a traditional version of Christmas.

By that, we mean dressing up as a shepherd or one of the three wise men.

Our shepherd costume is available for children and comes with the entire robe and headpiece.

On the other hand, you can hire one of the deluxe three wise men costumes, which includes the full robe, tunic, cape, belt and the turban. To make things even more fun, you could organise with a group of friends to each go as a one of the wise men, another as a shepherd, and all the others you can think of.

Hello, Frozen.

For any adult out there wanting to impress a child, we have the costume that is absolutely perfect.

Olaf the Snowman.

If you’re wondering who exactly this Olaf character is, then he stars in one of the most popular children’s movies of the past five years, Frozen.

One of every kid's favourite movie characters.

Olaf’s characteristic long orange nose, tiny eyes, and hair poking from the top is all included in our costume design.

If Olaf is not your dream of the ideal Christmas costume, then you can still try an ordinary snowman – which comes with a carrot nose, scarf, and fabulous top hat.

The one to light up people’s lives.

Without being bias, this may be one of our favourite costumes on offer.  

It is unashamedly Christmas. It requires the person who doesn’t mind being the centre of attention. And who should definitely expect all eyes to them as they first walk in.

We are talking about our one and only Christmas tree, which comes with tinsel, baubles, and a shining star at the very top.

Wait, the best part is still to come.

The shoes are Christmas presents.

Yes, red and gold Christmas presents in all their glory.

One of our most favourite costumes available.

We have Christmas costumes for everyone, regardless of whether they just want a simple face paint or be the star of the party.

Come visit us today or get in touch for more ideas!

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