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Saint Patricks Day 2017 The easiest search for a shamrock there has ever been

Everything green, well except the Guinness of course. The unmistakable tokens of St Patricks day will soon be reappearing, time to start preparing.

March 17, is the global day for the Irish and the Irish-at-heart to put on their dancing shoes, hit the pub and celebrate everything that makes Ireland great.

The celebration that started in the early 17th century began as a Christian fest day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.

Today, St Patty’s day is the Christmas feast adults dream of. Firstly, because all the pubs are open, secondly because of all the costume opportunities.



Where to Find the Party

St. Patricks day is the most widely spread national festival in the world. With parades and parties galore.


In cities like New York, where the Irish population is strong and loud the parades are epic. Traditional performances can be enjoyed by all and bars fill to the brim before mid-day.  

The Brisbane Irish community will join together on Saturday March 11, in the CBD for a parade of Irish pride.

While the traditional day of celebration this year is a Friday, so hold no bars, or do, do hold a beer in all the bars…

You wont need much luck on your quest to find Brisbane St. Patty’s day party. Set your sights on the CBD, or your local Irish pub for all your shamrock and Guinness needs.

St patricks day hat - costumes brisbane

What to Wear

Don’t forget to tip your hat to your jolly Irish mates in style this march. Of course, by style, we mean hilarious costumes of green and gold. It is St. Patty’s day after all.

Don’t be the person who shy’s away from a costume only to be attacked by mates yielding Green face paint.

The team at CrackerJack Costumes and Party Supplies has all your costume needs covered. It’ll be the easiest search for a shamrock or pot of gold there’s ever been.

This year it is time for the ladies to take over as Leprechaun’s. We have two, too cute Leprechaun costumes that will have the crowd green with envy.

Not feeling the Leprechaun, but don’t want to miss out on the full costume fun? Fear not, our St Patricks day dress is a fun full-set including deep green satin dress, hat, belt, bow-tie and more.

For the men, it is time to emulate the jovial Irish charm everybody loves with our novelty shamrock vest and bow-tie.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who digs a Halloween party, but prefers to accessorise with candy ‘teeth’ over fake blood. We’ve got all the non-committal additions you need.

From big novelty hats that are always a hit, to green tulle tutu’s that will spice up any skirt.

March 17 is the day for everyone to turn up their loveable Irish cheekiness. Let your hair down and lift up a pint.




Not in the Business of Guinness?

It is no secret the Irish love a big pint, and a pint of Guinness is quintessential. Alas, we are not all too fond of the black beverage.

Fear not, because the Irish have alcoholic options galore. Start the day with an Irish Coffee – black coffee with a hint of liquor such as whisky.

The islands of Ireland are the home of fantastic whisky you just can’t go past. If stiff booze is not to your taste, a hint of Baileys Irish Cream might be just the treat.


Toasts for St Patrick’s Day

Whatever your poison, don’t let it go down without bringing your friends around. The Irish are wonderful poets, here are some of their finest words.


“May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out.”

"May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience, and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint!"

“When we drink, we get drunk. 
When we get drunk, we fall asleep. 
When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. 
When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. 
So, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven!”


Sláinte! – Cheers, pronounced Slahn-che!


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